DevOpsBy Nov 2017

DevOpsBy Conference 2017 will be held on November 12. The event is dedicated to DevOps process organization and review of the best practices. You will widen your knowledge of the advantages of devops over more traditional methods of development. Join us!



  • 9:30-10:30

    Registration. Opening

  • 10:30-11:15

    Painless High Availability /RUS/

    Roman Bugaev

    As most of FinTech companies we are in trust business. We are developing business critical software and high availability is crucial for our clients. Our clients will lose money, if software doesn't work. We need to do our best to develop stable, reliable and highly available software. However, we accept the fact that Disasters (Emergency cases) may happen and are part of our work. Our goal to be ready for different types of disasters and solve emergency cases with minimum impact to our clients (ideally with no impact). In this presentation I’ll share my experience of building resilient software and how to progress toward high availablity as a first-class concern.

  • 11:20-12:05

    Functional Infrastructure /ENG/

    Saulius Valatka

    While functional programming as a discipline has only become mainstream relatively recently as modern hardware made it practical, the core ideas of functional programming have been around since forever. One can argue that these ideas are universal and can be applied to other engineering disciplines outside of pure programming, such as managing infrastructure. In this talk we will discuss how concepts such as immutability, reproducability, laziness and static typing can be applied to areas such as configuration management, orchestration and deployment. We will do so by describing our current infrastructure setup for the data research teams at Adform.

  • 12:05-12:20


  • 12:20-13:05

    Containers in Azure: from infrastructure to deployment /RUS/

    Sergii Kryshtop

    In this topic we will learn how to start building and deploying containerized applications in Azure using existing Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery tools like Visual Studio Team Services and Octopus Deploy. Target audience is developers, system engineers and solution/system architects who has some experience in Docker and interested in how Azure helps to accelerate adoption of containers and microservice architecture.

  • 13:10-13:55

    Rapid Development With Microservices /ENG/

    Noam Almog

    Microservices is not a buzzword anymore, it influences our development process as well as our organizational structure. But still, when we start a new service, we want to move fast. Can we move fast while architecture our system correctly? After developing a number of services in Wix, I want to share some of my experience with developing and architecting systems while keeping a high velocity.

  • 13:55-15:00

    LUNCH + Coffee + Networking

  • 15:00-15:45

    Evolving infrastructure and application management with Terraform, Consul and Nomad /RUS/

    Eugene Petrovich

    1) Modular approach for describing the cloud infrastructure with Terraform.
    2) Application Management with Nomad.
    3) Microservices without Docker.
    4) Service discovery with Consul and Consul-Template.
    5) Production use cases (High Loaded OpenRTB DSP System).

  • 15:50-16:35

    Kubeloud. How we built Kubernetes based Cloud in Avito /RUS/

    Dmitry Khasanov

    Расскажу, почему решили отказаться от LXC и ручного деплоя. Зачем потребовалось облако, как осмелились связаться с Кубернетесом и почему его не хватило. Как построили CI/CD, какие у нас есть кластеры, сколько свободы даём разработчикам и как быстро умеем создавать новые сервисы.

  • 16:35-16:50


  • 16:50-17:35

    WGCrowd – DC/OS like the system for big company /RUS/

    Alexandr Kuzmitsky

    Как принести современные концепции CI/CD в ентерпрайз, почему мы выбрали Mesos/Marathon вместо K8S и с чем столкнулись при этом. Монолог об одном успешном проекте, в который мало кто верил.

  • 17:40-18:25

    Q&A «Диалоги о DevOps. DevOps-инженеру быть?»

    В рамках Q&A сессии выступит Алексей Бурим - DevOps Engineer @ Instamotor Bel, iTechArt.
    Более 9 лет опыта работы в различных сферах, связанных с инженерией и IT. Начал работать простым системным администратором/инженером. На сегодняшний день поддерживает идею автоматизации максимального количества процессов в жизненном цикле ПО.

    Ожидается короткий доклад с дальнейшей беседой с залом на тему: "Диалоги о DevOps. DevOps-инженеру быть?"

    Алексей: "После десятков собеседований я понял, что ни разу не слышал одинакового определения понятия "DevOps" от различных работодателей. Зачем он нужен, почему работает (или нет)? Почему именно DevOps-инженер, а не просто DevOps? Об этом и хочу поговорить в формате диалога и конфликта мнений с участниками конференции."

  • 18:30

    Conference closing


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